Map and Compass/Navigation Training

Always know where you are, and how to get from A to B no matter what the weather is doing!

We are in the digital age..... so GPS devices and phones have replaced the old skills of reading a map and compass correctly, and knowing manually how to get from point A to point B safely?


Map reading and compass skills are essential if you intend to walk in the mountains without a guide.  Batteries do run flat, and a GPS unit can never replace the wide angle vision of an area that a map and compass give you., if the mist (commonly known as 'clag'!) comes in thick, and visibility goes right down to a few metres, or you find the walk has taken longer than you thought, and it is now dark, or it's November and you started off in fine weather but there's now a snow storm and you can't see further than your own nose...... and your GPS/phone unit has just packed in....can you get yourself off that mountain safely?! 

If you're having even momentary hesitation about that, you need to learn how to navigate well, because these situations can and will happen unexpectedly to anyone who spends time in the hills at some point or another.

Morris has trained people in micro-navigation skills (ie knowing where you are at all times to within about 10 metres) for over 20 years.  He has been out in the UK mountains in every possible weather condition and likes to know where he is at all times.  A day (or two if you want to consolidate) spent with Morris will teach you the tricks of the trade in learning how to navigate well, so that you can walk and navigate safely anywhere in the UK.

Many people will offer navigation courses where you will be part of a group.  Admittedly, that is cheaper.  But Morris prefers to give bespoke and individual attention (and bear in mind we can offer packages with accommodation too).  He will deal with you (or a few friends if you want to join in together) as individuals.  Contact him with your hopes and dreams and he will tailor the day to suit, including going up a desired mountain of your choice, if you wish (subject to weather conditions).  

Day Navigation skills day:  £120 (plus travel costs of £1 per mile if you desire to start elsewhere to Patterdale).

Night Navigation Skills:  If combined with Day Navigation (ie we stay out in the mountains till dark and practice in the dark) £40 extra.  If booked as a separate evening:  £60. 

(Note:  Not available Sunday mornings).  


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