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We take your safety very seriously, and have gone above and beyond in relation to current guidance! 

We are only accepting bookings from one 'bubble',

so you will be the ONLY GUESTS IN THE PROPERTY along with ourselves.

  That means no risk of contamination from any other guests.

We are taking bookings but not taking deposits, as we are aware that with Track and Trace anyone (including ourselves) may have to self-isolate at short notice.  We do not think in these financially difficult times for all of us that you should lose your deposit through circumstances beyond your control, so we are not taking deposits, and will only ask for payment after you have stayed with us.   

As the only guests in the property, you will have an additional large downstairs room of your own for eating and relaxing in, in addition to your bedroom.

We will conduct thorough and high quality cleaning (including using a professional quality COVID-destroying disinfectant fogger if your room has been occupied within the previous 72 hours).  The fogger destroys COVID-19 both in the air and on surfaces, and continues to protect surfaces, so gives a level of protection well beyond normal cleaning. 

You can rest assured that we will have done our best to make your stay with us safe.        

We will inform you separately of any additional measures in place at the time of your booking. 

Our risk assessment is available on request.  

For your re-assurance, in addition to all government recommendations, we will be:

Virosmart-500 Fogger.png

Using an expensive, professional quality disinfecting fogger for all rooms and areas accessed by guests between guest stays if shorter than 72 hours.  These foggers disinfect and protect all surfaces, including fabrics, against COVID-19, and leave no trace or smell.

Xtra Protect Disinfectant.png

Using a professional quality, non-toxic (to humans!), anti-viral disinfectant.  This has been tested to destroy human coronavirus.

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Ensuring the usual precautions of plenty of hand sanitiser, regular cleaning/disinfecting of frequent touch items, 2m distancing mostly possible, face coverings if we need to serve you, etc.


Please note:

We request that people experiencing ANY signs of COVID-19 should acknowledge and report them to us IMMEDIATELY, and either NOT enter the property or remove themselves from the property with immediate effect.

Cancellations/Refunds during COVID-19: 

If we as hosts contract symptoms or are asked to self-isolate as a result of track and trace, we will have to cancel bookings through no fault of our own.  Bookings cancelled under these circumstances will be entitled to a full refund if any deposit or pre-payment has been received.  We cannot accept liability however for any further costs (eg transport, train tickets, etc).  Bookings under this COVID-19 situation are made on this understanding and risk.

Risk Assessment

We have conducted a full COVID-19 risk assessment which can be seen on request.